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Rhapsody "Spices"

Rhapsody "Spices"


A skilful and fun piano rhapsody with oriental flavours - beware spicy!

18 min

1piano, 1picc, 2fl, 1bfl, 2ob, 2cl, 1bsn, 1cbsn, timp, cym, triagle, mark tree, 10vl I, 8vl II, 6va, 4vc, 2db

piano and sting orchestra with wood wind instruments and percussion

Rhapsody Spices was awarded with the Global Music Award in December 2022 right after its publication. I have been invited on the podcast Cacophony to talk about this very piece. All about how it started.

00_Spices-Full score A3-07
00_Spices-Full score A3-03
00_Spices-Full score A3-06
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