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Piano Rhapsody "Spices" was awarded with the Global Music Award in Silver for creativity and composer in December 2022. An award at the end of the year is a happy year!
My commissioned orchestral composition for the rare setting of Hackbrett and orchestra was premiered in April 2023 in Switzerland with the Sinfonieorchester Kanton Schwyz under Urs Bamert and Olga Mischula Hackbrett/Cymbal.
Now scolling back some years.

I see music through the lens of a pianist, an audience member, a mother, a mentor, a publisher and a festival organiser, I  established a music career which emphasises inclusivity.

My musical activity has spanned across Europe and as far as Russia and the Arabian Peninsula.

All of these western and non-western cultural influences as well as classical and modern elements have merged to create Katharina’s distinct musical sound.

However, Katharina still maintains that it was her very first piano teacher who opened her eyes to eastern music and to female composers.


This led to her determination to champion other composers which saw Katharina founding the inaugural Swiss Female Composers Festival. Thus creating a platform for exchange, networking and performance of new compositions.

2002 I moved to Switzerland created a family and started this new part of my life. The years of moving and travelling calmed down but another exciting and unpredictable chapter started.

With two girls a family and cats in my luggage I continued to perform in various European countries. I initiated interdisciplinary art projects for children combining music and visual arts in a live concerts. I loved these projects giving children the chance to experience classical music in a live concert as well as participating. I created a lasting memory - this is beautiful.


At one point I slipped into arrangement and composition. My fellow composers and pianists encouraged me and since various orchestral works, ensemble works, arrangements and numerous piano works were born.


Hence, my music has been performed in many countries, such as Russia, Turkey, UK, Germany and Switzerland.


In January 2019 I realised a long idea of mine. It was to connect and shine light on female composers so I set up the "Swiss Female Composers Festival". Now the first piano book of living female composers of Switzerland is published since April 2023. It is now available with Universal Edition:

"Music has been a constant companion of my life - in various constellations. However much I love music - without enjoying life I can't enjoy music. Life is the source for the music I make."

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