The place where Katharina Nohl was born in 1973 is a country that no longer exists – the GDR (German Democratic Republic). After the political change in 1989 she left Germany for England in order to start her musical studies in Southampton. Later she moved to Ferrara, Italy to study Italian music before specialising in Contemporary Music in London. Back in Germany, she spent some years in Munich where she continued her studies while deepening her knowledge by taking lessons with Alfons Kontarsky at the Mozarteum in Salzburg.
Since 2002 Katharina lives now in Switzerland together with her husband and two girls.
As a pianist she continued given concerts throughout Europe as a solo pianist and in various interdisciplinary art projects.
2016 she started to follow up the composition path after repeated encouragement of fellow composers and pianists. various orchestral works, ensemble works, arrangements and numerous piano works were born since then. Her music has been performed in many countries, such as Russia, Turkey, UK, Germany etc. She has been working with different orchestras performing her music.
Presently Katharina is working on her first Piano Concerto with orchestra - "Rhapsody of a Diva".
In January 2019 Katharina Nohl started the "Swiss Female Composers Festival". Together with the "I TEMPI" orchestra of Basel - Switzerland, the festival will stage orchestral, ensemble and solo compositions by Female Composers of Switzerland. (5/6 December 2020)

 "Music has been a constant companion of my life - in various constellations. However, much I love music - without enjoying life I can't enjoy music. Life is the source for the music I make."


Katharina Nohl has lived in Switzerland since 2002. Together with the composer and pianist Werner Bärtschi she had expanded her repertoire over many years.


After her maternity leave she has been giving concerts in Germany, England and Switzerland. Katharina Nohl is a pianist and mother of two daughters. She combines these two roles by passing on her love for music to her children. With their instruments and music they create their own life and passion.