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The place where Katharina Nohl was born in 1973 is a country that no longer exists – the GDR (German Democratic Republic). After the political change in 1989 she left Germany for England in order to start her musical studies in Southampton. Later on, she moved to Ferrara, Italy to study Italian music before specialising in Contemporary Music in London. Back in Germany, she spent some years in Munich where she continued her studies while deepening her knowledge by taking lessons with Alfons Kontarsky at the Mozarteum in Salzburg.

Katharina Nohl has lived in Switzerland since 2002. Together with the composer and pianist Werner Bärtschi she had expanded her repertoire over many years. After her maternity leave she has been giving concerts in Germany, England and Switzerland. Katharina Nohl is a pianist and mother of two daughters. She combines these two roles by passing on her love for music to her children. With their instrument and music the two can leave their fantasy and creativity free run. “Touching” the piano by playing it and the reading of music notes serve as real counterparts of the digital world that surrounds us more and more.

Working with children is important for Katharina inside and outside her family. Several times she initiated school projects in Germany and Switzerland. In cooperation with art teachers she brings art in an acoustic as well as visual form closer to school children. The pianist plays works from Mussorgski and MacDowell. Inspired by the music, the pupils create several paintings matching the topic of the piece, all in different techniques. As highlight of the project, there is a concert where the pupils present their works of art to the audience. The goal of the project is to impart the pupils new knowledge and to offer them a wider perspective on art.

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